Thursday, May 8, 2014

City Views

The other night, I went to the running Expo before the Marathon on Sunday. Rather than wait for the T, I decided to walk across the city to get to the convention center. Since it was rush hour and daylight, the city was very busy. Oh, and it was the route the buses run for stops too. If it was night or dark out, I would not recommending walking that route.

As I was trying to rush, I did take a fewictures as I have never been down that street before. There are definitely some old buildings that are fascinating. I would love to venture down there again someday.

Even though I am really enjoying running, I can never see myself wanting to run 26.2 miles...EVER. Until then, I'll just be a tourist and take photos!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Art All Night

So, when the parents were visiting the other weekend, I didn't work them to death. After all, it was their anniversary that weekend so we had to have a little fun. We ate dinner at Roland's Seafood and Grille. I think we all ordered the Lobster Roll. It is absolutely delicious! From there, we headed to Lawrenceville for Art All Night. The premise is similar to a Relay for Life in that this even goes for a full 24 hour period, but focuses on different types of art. Also, anyone can participate, amateurs and professionals alike. Oh yeah, the definition of art in the city may be a little different than where I grew up!

The entire event is free, however, finding parking in Lawrenceville is always a fun challenge. The venue was a huge warehouse. At times, I found the warehouse more interesting than the art! 

Remember how I said anyone could contribute, well a 60 something old man made this and said it could go to a good home!

There was a live art auction where you could watch the artist paint and make bids on actual canvases which was pretty cool.

You have to remember that this is a city, so prices and art can be quite different. However, my Mom was appalled at some of the prices people were asking. Case and point:

Some of the pictures on display were quite exceptional. These were two of my favorites.

After all of this though, the Christmas Story better watch out, there is a New Leg Lamp in town!! Who wants to show off this beauty?