Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Custom Artwork on Display

So I have this rule, if I do not have a spot (home) for a new item when I am shopping, I do not allow myself to buy it. I'm such an organized neat freak that having items haphazardly throughout the house really bothers me. This was the case when it came to my necklaces. My jewlery box was full and statement necklaces are popular, which meant I was missing out. Of course a new necklace would be a quick and cheaper way to change up an outfit. I was determined to solve my dilemma! I had perused Pinterest (hours of research of course!) and found all kinds of ideas to hang necklaces. The idea that stuck the most was the one using picture frames. 

I bought 2 unfinished frames that were 11 x 14 at Michael's when they were 55% off. I waited a while, but eventually bought Rustolum's Hammered Silver spray paint. One afternoon in the summer, I painted both of the frames outside.

They then sat around for months. (Not like a baby shower or anything happened to keep me busy!) When I was at Michaels for one of my weekly visits, I found corkboard about 1/2 inch thick in 11 x 14 sizing. I bought 2 and they fit perfectly in my frames. I knew where I was going to put these and wanted some fun fabric to wrap around the cork board. I got lucky and purchased 1/4 of a yard on sale for 50% at Joann's a few weeks ago. Finally, I was all set!

I put a wall bracket on the back of each frame so I could hang them. Luckily, I already had these and only had to dig them out of my stash.

Then, I started hot gluing the fabric to the corkboard.

This took no time at all. I then placed the covered board into the picture frame. To hold it in, I got out my trusty staple fun an staple it in. (So eager, forgot to take a picture)

Seriously, this took me maybe 15 minutes for 2 boards. 

I decided to use clear thumbtacks which I already owned. I used 6 on each board and alternated them by various heights to help with spacing. 

Now for the fun part!! I took them upstairs and hung then on the wall. One on each side of my dresser. Then I decorated them with my necklaces.

So now I can buy a few more fun statement necklaces and I have created custom artwork as well. One final look of the room in general.

Yes, I sleep facing my most prized, shoes, and jewlery!!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Inspiration

In the beginning of November, I decided that I needed to finish up all projects before the holidays jumped up out of no where. So, I got busy!!

I painted the hallway and stairs. There is nothing to show as I painted it the same color, but there is something great about a fresh coat of paint on the walls. This also included recaulking all baseboards as well as repainting all baseboards and trim in the hallway and stairwell. Once that fun task was completed, I hung up this cool picture frame idea at the bottom of the stairs.

This also led to my new valance at the bottom of the stairs. A little funky print wise, but incorporates the colors used on the first floor of the house.

Now if only I could find a new rug to replace this ugly mess! Totally clashes with the rest of the house, but serves as a great chew toy for Blondie.

I also found some fabric and made a valance for the bathroom that I had painted earlier in October. Of course, I fell in love with this fabric at $49.99 a yard. That is not a joke. I only needed a quarter of a yard and it was 50% off, so what the heck! What do you think when I say I accidentally shortened the valance by an inch? I don't think you can tell though.

I made some additional storage for my statement necklaces which also functions as artwork. More on how I made these later, but here is a sneak peek.

Finally, it was not only the inside of the house that got attention. Let's not forget about all my leaves!! I spent almost the entire weekend outside and bagged 25 bags of leaves. Now that sounds bad, but let's not forget the other 27 bags I had put out earlier and I blew some of the leaves down street into the woods as well. Boy, do I love fall! And in case no one believes me, here is a picture of 25 bags!

Now, bring on Christmas. I am 1/3 of the way done with the Christmas cards too so I'm off to a good start!!