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Cancun 2011 at Sunset

So, I have been avoiding an "About Me" section just because I had no idea what to write. I have been thru many drafts and I am certain there will be more. Here it goes for now!

I grew up in the country in central PA. Not only in the country, but on a farm! We didn't even have cable growing up. Heck, my parents still don't have cable. Thank goodness for satellite TV! I can also sum up the Internet in 2 words...dial up!! I digress. So growing up in those "harsh" conditions had me saying, I'm moving to the city when I am older." Sure enough, that is where I ended up! Can I get a Here We Go Steelers? Yep, the city of Black and Gold is where I call home.

As nature would have it, as I have gotten older I find myself migrating back to how I was raised. In the spring and summer, you will find me outside in my flower beds and garden. In the fall and winter, I am working on various home improvement projects inside. (GASP's of shock are now appropriate!)

Somewhere along the way, I have fallen in love with DIY, crafts, and turning my 90 year old house into my home! I have sewn the curtains with my mom and recently entered into upholstering. Love it! This blog provides me with an outlet for my creativity while letting my family and friends enjoy as well.

After reading all of this, you are wondering where the title came from. I LOVE the beach. Seriously, if an opportunity ever comes along for me to pack up and move to the beach, I am there in a heartbeat. So as I share my life and adventures, I thought it would only be appropriate to capture another one of my loves!

So grab a cup of tea or glass of wine (depending upon the time) and ENJOY!

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  1. yes, you grew up in a harsh world, but turned out well!