Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Picture Frame

When browsing Pinterest last year, I kept seeing the empty picture frames with wires where photos are held up with small clothespins. I saw some in Pier One as well. They came with price tags of $30.

Source: Pier One

Source: Pier One

Last year, I had bought an empty frame at Michael's on a 50% off sale. I had left it empty and had the frame sitting on the mantle. Since I had some wire in the basement and I decided to hot glue it to the back. I had to buy the small clothespins, but then the next part was figuring out which photos to use.

I ended up rearranging a few things on the mantle, but this should be fun to change out pictures over time.

Wish I could say I saved money on the project, but I think I broke even. At least I can say I made it!

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