Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pittsburgh Zoo

So back in June, Susan, Mike, Blondie, and Izzybella came for a visit. It was their turn to do the driving. However, if I look at the calendar, it was also their last time probably until January due to a thing called "soccer season". Somehow, I think I might be getting the short straw!! Good thing I find 3 and half hours in a car relaxing. Gotta love a good jam out session!! :-)

This visit to Pittshburgh included a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium. Seriously, I live 15 mins away and have never been there. Go figure!

The day was hot, like seriously hot. I can't remember the last time I sweated that much by walking. It was a great day overall and the pictures should speak for themselves. The only thing this visit proved is that Aunt Angie needs to brush up on her animals. That is all I am saying!! :-)

I think she is trying to yell at the tigers!

Izzybella was asleep by this point, but Susan, Mike, and I were quite impressed with him

My niece is a brat!

Yep, definite brat! Tears stopped once Mommy started holding her.

Naptime in the Daddy lounger!

Mommy, Izzybella, and fishes

Okay, she loved the map and we left her play with it.

However, when a small child gets quiet, you should probably check on them..

Hiding her antics...

Yep, she was eating the map. Her mommy had to go fishing for paper in her mouth!!

Family photo with an ostrich

Izzybella and her favorite family member, Aunt Angie

Excuse me Mr. Elephant, but you are photo bombing my picture.

Aunt Angie:  Izzybella, look! Tucans!!!  Mike: Izzie, don't listen to your Aunt. Those are flamingos! 
Hey, where's the matching shorts?

Yep, still a petite midget!!

Now we have the Aunt Angie and Izzybella Ape Dance!!

Anyone want to come swimming?

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