Friday, October 24, 2014

Chestober and Leaftober

Not going to lie, I wish that October would be about pumpkin patches and baking all kinds of pumpkin goodies, but unfortunately, my Octobers always result in TONS of yard work. I thought I would share some photos!

Saturday, October 4th

Saturday, October 11th

Saturday, October 18th
 And then this weekend happened where I was busy working all weekend. Yeah it was a blast! However, the yard ended up like this...

So in case you are wondering, the yard looks even worse tonight. You can't even see the grass. Yep, that means my weekend will be spent outside with my favorite leaf blower and rake! I won't even discuss the front yard. If I'm looking for something positive, I'll be so busy there won't be time to spend any money this weekend! Ha!


  1. And it counts as exercise, so you can enjoy all the pumpkin goodies guilt-free!

  2. I wonder if they would all eventually blow down to the such luck, huh?