Friday, October 31, 2014

You Have Flowers

The other night I stayed a couple hours late at the office and when I arrived home, there was a box from Pro Flowers on the porch. 

Imagine that box on this porch unexpecdtly.

My neighbor across the street was out, so I yelled down to her that someone had sent me flowers. When I looked at the box, it was my house address, but not my name on the label. I asked her what I should do and she said open them!

Apparently, I have been watching the news too much because my first reaction was this was a suspicious package and I needed to call the police. Because you know someone could have put a bomb in a box labeled Pro Flowers. Then I thought it could be a package with a deadly virus (blaming this on the media and Ebola coverage). Once I came to my senses, (this only took a few minutes), I decided to take the box instead and to call the company so I could send them back.

The woman at Pro Flowers was very nice and when I explained the situation I think she was shocked I called (really, are people not honest and nice anymore?). I told her I didn't open the package and asked her how to return them. As she chuckled, she told me to open the box and enjoy the flowers! I had to provide a tracking number on the package she told me there was a personal note and asked that I destroy it. I got the impression I was to destroy the message without reading it. Ha! No way was that happening! 

The flowers were a thank you to someone who had watched a child while both parents were working. the bouquet was a pretty combination of yellow flowers, perfect for a thank you.

I posted some of the on Facebook which ignited questions of a secret admirer and who is he. Let me clarify, there is no "he" or "significant other". That would first require a date and with the hours I have been working, the only thing I'm dating is my bed or sofa!

However, now that I have had some time to think about this, if you are sending someone who has watched your child flowers while you are unavailable, wouldn't you know their address? Just saying...

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